Daisy knew she was different from the other cloud cars because they were happy flying in the sky and she dreamed of flying on the ground.

The other cloud cars always talked about how great the air felt on their wheels but Daisy wanted to feel the road under her wheels.

“Don’t you ever get tired of just flying around and never using your wheels on anything but clouds?” Daisy asked the other cloud cars.

“Don’t be silly, Daisy,” they answered, “flying is what we were made for, not to drive on some silly road with normal cars.”

“We’re just the same as the cars down there,” Daisy said to the others, “and I can do anything they can do.”

When Daisy said this all the other cloud cars laughed and laughed so hard they ended up in a giant car pile.

“Daisy,” they gasped through their laughter, “you’re a cloud car and you can’t go on the ground because you’ll melt.”

Daisy watched the other cloud cars fly away and listened as their laughter at her echoed through the sky.

“I can do anything I want if I try hard, even drive down on the road!” Daisy yelled.

All alone now, Daisy landed on a cloud and looked down at the road far, far, below.

“Now there’s no one to stop me or mock me; I can fly down to the road.”

“I wish I weren’t so all alone and I had just one friend,” Daisy whispered.

Then down by the side of the road Daisy saw a girl from her perch.

“Maybe she’ll be my friend and drive on the road with me,” Daisy said.

With this hope held in her heart, Daisy jumped off her cloud.

Daisy dove toward the road, stopping just before she hit it.

“Ha!” Daisy danced on the road, “cloud cars don’t melt.”

“Help,” yelled the girl called Anita. “a talking car.”

“Please don’t be scared of me,” Daisy said.

“Why are you here on the ground?”

“I want to drive,” Daisy said.

“Can I come?” asked Anita.

“Get in,” Daisy said.

Anita got in.

Daisy drove.



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