Hire an Editor

I am a freelance education writer and editor. I will proofread and edit your manuscript for you. My specialties are Romance novels, English academic writing, journal articles, Shakespeare, and Women’s literature. I provide proofreading, line by line editing, structural editing, and fact checking.

I would be happy to write a blog post, or article for your website, or write reviews for your book. In education writing, I have written study guides, journal articles, lesson plans, and educational material including a touch book for blind children. I have seven years’ experience writing in academia. I have good time management skills and an excellent track record meeting deadlines. I would love to work with you to improve your writing or website. Contact me through my blog, on twitter @elizabethrams1, or by e-mail at elizabethrams@trentu.ca to discuss your project. Check out my website elizabethramsay.weebly.com for more detailed information.

Services Offered

Book Coach. As a Book coach, I help you write your novel. You send me 10 pages a week and I send feedback to you about your plot, character development, scene setting, narration, flow, and grammar. I am also available by e-mail and twitter for additional quick questions throughout the week. This is a great way to finally get your novel written as you have constant support and feedback throughout the process.

Line by Line Editing. Using Track Changes, line by line editing provides in-depth feedback to authors about their work. It looks at the flow, tone, as well as grammar. This is also useful for non-fiction works where such editing looks at the sources used and if they prove the points argued, as well as if any additional source material is needed.

Substantive/Structural Editing. Clarifying or reorganizing a manuscript for content and structure. This looks at the big picture of the manuscript and looks at issues such as pace, plot development, character development, and scene setting.

Fact Checking/Citation Checking/Reference Checking. Checking accuracy of facts and quotes by reference to original sources used by Author or to other reference sources.

Proofreading. Checking proofs of formatted, edited material for adherence to design and for minor, mechanical errors in copy (such as spelling mistakes or small deviations from style sheet).

 Definitions from http://www.editors.ca/hire/sfea/index.html .


Specific Rates depend on the project. Contact me for a quote.

In general, I charge $60 an hour for structural editing or book coaching.

I charge $30 and hour for proofreading and $45 an hour for line by line editing.

I also offer a student discount: a flat rate of $10 a page.

Check out my website elizabethramsay.weebly.com/rates.html for a full list of rates. I will negotiate for longer works.